Lapera Controller Software Guide – Firmware version (DS3 – early 2024)

The Controller interface, located under the drip tray has two modes: Status and Settings. In both modes, the display will turn off after a short delay. Press any of the three keys below the screen once (briefly) to activate it.

Waking the display will activate the Status Screen – which shows the following information:

  • Current boiler temperature
  • Boiler Set Point
  • Timer status
  • Day and time

Additionally, a message will scroll across the screen showing the current machine state.

Touching the any of the buttons twice opens the Settings menu. Use the right and left arrows to scroll through the settings. To edit a value, press the center button once (briefly) to edit the setting (the value will start to flash to indicate that it is ready to edit). Adjust the values with the left and right buttons. Press the center button once again to confirm the change. The value will stop flashing to indicate that it has been confirmed. To return to the Status screen, scroll though the settings with the right button until you reach the Exit option at the end.

The settings available are :

  • Boiler Set Point – desired boiler temperature.
  • Hour – adjust the hour value (in 24h format) of the current time stored in the internal clock.
  • Minute – adjust the minutes.
  • Year – adjust the year.
  • Month – adjust the month.
  • Day – adjust the day.
  • Timer On/Off – Activate/disactivate the internal timer that will turn the machine on and off once per day according to a Sleep/Wake schedule.1
  • M-F Start Time – time at which the machine will wake on weekdays.
  • M-F Stop Time – time at which the machine will sleep on weekdays.
  • Weekend Start Time – time at which the machine will wake on weekends.
  • Weekend Stop Time – time at which the machine will sleep on weekends.
  • Wake Now Timer – Sleep Override timer duration.2
  • Autofill Timeout – Maximum time in seconds that the machine will attempt to fill the boiler.3
  • Reset – reset all values (including set point) to factory defaults.4


1 – The Timer will only turn the machine on at the chosen start time if the power button on the front of the machine is depressed. Once the Timer is activated in the settings, the Timer icon will be displayed in the top left corner of the Status screen.

2 – Sleep Override allows you to temporarily wake the machine if it is asleep. If the machine is in sleep state, power-cycling the machine with the power button on the front panel (i.e. turning it off briefly and then back on again) will wake the machine for a period set by the Wake Now Timer. Cycling the power button a second time will cancel the Sleep Override and the machine will go return to sleep.

3 – As explained in the Setup Guide, the Autofill Timeout is the maximum length of time that the valve that controls the flow of water to the boiler will stay open before the machine goes into error mode and shuts down. Ninety seconds should be long enough to completely fill the boiler from empty if the flow rate of the water supply is adequate. However, certain filtration or water conditioning systems may reduce the flow rate. Unless you are setting up the machine for the first time, or are refilling the boiler after flushing it, it is generally desirable to keep the timeout value as low as possible. Taking hot water from the boiler from the hot water tap will also trigger the Autofill circuit however, so the right setting for this value will depend on your usage.

4 – This will overwrite the factory-calibrated set point. Contact us if you want to know what it was – we wrote it down ;)