TSB-08 Steam tap seal

TSB – 08 Steam and hot water tap seals
Ver 1.0
2024 04 09


Replacement of steam tap seal.

Tools and parts required:

  • 22mm crescent wrench
  • Dow 111 food-safe silicone grease
  • Viton o-ring size 111


  • Turn off the machine and let it cool completely.

Step 1

Step 2

⦿ While applying counter pressure with your left hand on the wooden tap handle, use a 22mm wrench to loosen the Upper Nut. Remove the Upper and Lower Nut assembly from the Valve Body.

Step 3

⦿ Remove the old o-ring

⦿ Apply a very light coating of silicone grease to the new o-ring and insert it in the Upper Nut as shown.

Step 4

⦿ Apply a very light coating of silicone grease to the Conical Teflon Seal and the ball of the Steam Wand and thread the Seal and the Lower Nut back onto the Steam Wand.

Step 5

⦿ Screw the Upper Nut into the Lower Nut taking care that the o-ring stays in place. Do not tighten the nuts together with tools.

Step 6

⦿ Install the Plunger, Spring and Copper Washer as shown.

Step 7

⦿ Screw the Assembly back onto the Valve Body while compressing the Spring.

⦿ If you have difficulty engaging the thread you can undo the Lower Nut to reduce the compression of the Spring. Do not undo the two nuts more than 3mm (the thickness of two stacked pennies). Doing so risks damaging the o-ring.

Step 8

⦿ Screw the Assembly completely onto the Valve Body, then use the 22mm wrench to slightly tighten the Upper Nut (only a small amount of force is required to make it watertight).

⦿ Re-tighten the Lower Nut by hand until the Steam Wand has the desired amount of resistance.