Well, it’s just a tamper, but… it is beautifully made and carefully proportioned so that your fingertips make contact with the base at the same time your palm engages the handle – ideal for both control and power – and its name is Chewie. The base of the tamper is 58.4mm diameter which is what we think is the optimal size – let us know if you really want it smaller. Larger is hard.

CNC turned, hand-finished mahogany handle, obsessively oiled and polished to a fine luster, AISI 302 solid stainless steel base and integrated bolster and tang, gratuitously ornamented with a spacer in Lapera Blue powder-coated aluminum.

First edition of 50 but 25 are reserved for the Falcon so there are 25 available for individual sale.

Size ⌀58.4mm x 95mm

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