The properly weighted, properly balanced, properly precision Lapera Disaggregation and Distribution Tool: premium materials, rigorous fabrication and thoughtful industrial design combine to make this tool a pleasure to use and something you want to put next to your coffee machine. The design of the distribution tool is the result of a careful analysis of the ergonomics involved and draws on traditional knife-making techniques. We think it achieves the perfect balance for an ultra-fine, precision tool: light in the hand, but not too light, with the balance located just past the gripping point. The needles feel like they have exactly the right heft for fluffing coffee to and with perfect consistency. The tool locks into place in the key-hole opening on the top of the stand. It is a natural gesture of the hand to pick it up and replace, but it won’t fall out on its own. Made with our typical (some would say obsessive) attention to detail to last forever. Why do you need one? Well, if you are here, you probably already know why ;)

Lapera Blue powder-coated steel stand with silicone anti-slip pad. CNC turned and hand-finished mahogany handle, oiled and polished to a fine luster, stainless steel bolster and ferrule, replaceable thermoplastic needle cartridge with eight 50mm x 0.35mm diameter needles.

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Size: 7cm x 6cm x 12.5cm

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