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Welcome to Lapera – coffee machines made in Montréal’s Mile-End

A simple, beta version of the site is now up and running: just the news and a homepage for now. More things will be added over the next weeks.

A few questions, a few answers:

• When will the machines be ready? – Production is currently underway. Shipping of the first units is still some months away.
• What will the machines cost? – The price will be announced when pre-orders open. This will happen as soon as all of the suppliers are finalized.
• Want to receive updates on the progress towards the launch? – Subscribe to the news list on this page.
• What’s with the ducky? – Hey – why not? : )


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lapera – coffee machines made in Montréal’s Mile-End

  1. Hi Thomas…just wondering if you intend to show some pictures of the progress that you have been making with the first machines.

    1. Hi Paulo! Yes, there will be pictures of the machines, as well as a bunch of other content, posted here in the coming weeks. We are still waiting for confirmation from a couple of suppliers for critical components that will have an effect on the appearance. Thomas

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